Procedural Steps

Before pursuing the development of an exchange agreement, the potential for exchange and program compatibility should be considered in order to establish the feasibility and appropriateness of the desired agreement. Furthermore, the proposed exchange is subject to review for compatibility mission and objectives of UNC Charlotte.


The potential for exchange will be determined based on the ability to fulfill the appropriate bulleted requirements.

  • Significant exchange possibilities should exist in at least one of three areas: student, faculty, or research;
  • The initiative should have significant support from at least one academic department;
  • If funding comes initially from external sources (e.g., federal grants) the institutional commitment should continue beyond the life of the grant—unless explicitly stated that the relationship is active only during the administration of that grant;
  • Potential should exist for long-term interest and activity, especially regarding student exchange agreements; and
  • The relationship must demonstrate a benefit to UNC Charlotte.


The following requirements should be fulfilled in order to determine appropriate exchange agreement compatibility with UNC Charlotte’s mission and objectives.

  • If proposed agreement is in a region or country where UNC Charlotte already has similar programmatic exchange relationships, there must be a strong rationale for the establishment of the proposed agreement and a demonstrated benefit to the University that is complimentary to or enhancing of the existing relationship, and not detrimental to an established partner;
  • Proposing departments at both institutions should possess comparable strengths and should show a strong willingness to sustain an on-going relationship;
  • The proposed partner institution should offer comparable levels of study (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral) and/or complimentary research areas to the proposing academic department);
  • For agreements including student exchange, both parties should recognize academic credits earned at the respective host/home institution;
  • Academic calendars of the two institutions should be taken into consideration with explicit address of partnership strategy for programs with incompatible terms; and
  • An infrastructure to administer the exchange at the host institution must be identified.