Authorization Process

Exchange Agreements must be approved at the college level and authorized at the campus level before the Chancellor or his designee signs them. As described below, agreements must first be approved at the college, institute, or center level because of the potential commitment of that unit’s resources. All agreements must then be authorized at the campus level. Agreements signed by authorized representatives of UNC Charlotte and a party or parties abroad represent legally binding contracts.

The following are the steps involved in the approval and authorization process:

Step 1: The Originating Unit receives endorsement from the appropriate Dean and completes the Exchange Agreement Worksheet in preparation for a consultation with OIP.

Step 2: OIP then assists in the development of a draft agreement. Suggestions will be made regarding interpretation of campus procedures and the most appropriate of agreement depending on the circumstance. Often, an initial pilot agreement is developed that commits the University to a two-year program after which time it is determined whether or not to continue.

Step 3: After review of the draft agreement, the Originating Unit presents the document to the respective Dean for his/her approval.

Step 4: The OIP Associate Provost and Office of Legal Affairs review the agreement on UNC Charlotte’s behalf and recommends it for signing to the Provost and/or Chancellor.

Step 5: The signed agreement is forwarded to the parties and the original copy is filed within OIP. OIP will keep signed copies of agreements in a master file and will serve as the repository for all UNC Charlotte Exchange Agreements.