About Us

The Office of International Programs (OIP), established at UNC Charlotte in 1975, strives to strengthen international education at the University as well as in the Charlotte community. On campus, it seeks to make international understanding and global awareness a fundamental part of the curriculum and an integral part of campus programming.

To this end, OIP promotes curriculum development, faculty research, and program implementation in the various colleges; administers the University’s English Language Training Institute; and coordinates campus activities related to international students and scholars, education abroad, international exchange, cross-cultural training, and world affairs education.

OIP is also is responsible for negotiating, implementing, and maintaining international linkages with institutions of higher learning in other countries. In the community, OIP supports international education by sponsoring an array of programs including the North Carolina Great Decisions Program and the International Festival.

The Office of International Programs views itself as a catalyst for change, as well as a provider of services. In short, it strives to serve as a locus of leadership and responsibility for the international role and mission of the University, both internally and externally.

In the broader international education community, OIP is considered a national model of a comprehensive international education office that has broad responsibility for every aspect of the University’s international dimension.