International Exchange Agreement Procedure

To promote international education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte), the University has a network of relationships with partner institutions abroad facilitated by the Office of International Programs (OIP). These exchange relationships encourage our students to study abroad, attract international students and faculty members to our campus, and enable our faculty to teach and conduct collaborative and individual research at institutions abroad. Our desire is to develop and cultivate relationships that support our broad institutional and international mission through creating and maintaining a worldwide set of partners that will be actively and strategically utilized by our campus community. While we actively pursue additional international exchange agreements to promote these objectives, such agreements are carefully approached. Each year OIP reviews the activity and level of engagement sustained through our partnerships. Our philosophy is that it is more beneficial to support quality programs than to maintain a long list of inactive partnerships.

The information provided on the website describes procedures for the development of exchange agreements between any unit (e.g., department, college, etc.) at UNC Charlotte and an institutional partner located outside of the United States, regardless of the nature of the exchange.

Procedural Steps: Prior to completing an exchange agreement, a requesting unit must first review the UNC Charlotte procedures regarding the establishment of international exchange agreement. The process includes an examination of guiding considerations, applicability determinants, and clarification of types of agreements. Learn about the role of the Office of International Programs, guidelines for drafting an international exchange agreement, and steps for approval and authorization. Please use the Exchange Agreement Procedural Checklist to guide you through the process.

Exchange Agreement Worksheet: Once the procedural process is completed, it is recommended that a unit pursing an exchange agreement complete the Exchange Agreement Worksheet. The worksheet helps with facilitating negotiation and understanding of responsibilities.

[Note: these exchange agreement procedures provided do not replace UNC Charlotte policy regarding contracts and agreements (University Policy 203) related to technology transfer and research. All standard restrictions and protocols associated with technology/intellectual property rights/etc. remain subject to institutional policies (University Policy 312).]