Country-Culture Workshops

The Office of International Programs (OIP) at UNC Charlotte is proud to present a professional development opportunity to enrich cultural understanding. Programs will include exploration of a specific country, such as the language, etiquette, cultural norms, political history, and other key nuances unique to the selected country. Each year, a new country will be selected to showcase the rich nuances of the country and culture.

A combination of expert faculty, administrators, and/or student speakers familiar with the selected country will assist with the development and implementation of the country-culture workshop. The initial lineup of countries identified reflect the countries with the historic largest representation at UNC Charlotte: China, India, and Saudi Arabia. See here for a listing of all of the countries represented by international students at UNC Charlotte.

All faculty, staff, and administrators are invited to participate in the workshops in order to enhance further learning and strengthen relationships between our US community members and students from another country. If you wish to be part of a planning committee, please outreach to to note your interest.